Terraria Version 1.4.2 Free

Do battle, dig and build your world, surpassing any and every challenge

Terraria – the ultimate digging adventure! This is a unique adventure game requiring you both to build upwards and dig downwards as you explore the world and wage war against your enemies. And don’t you worry, enemies there will be aplenty!
This is an adventure game that offers both action and strategy. You'll need to devise clever plans and strategies, as well as apply force against your foes, in order to come out victorious out of this game.
While playing, there are many things you can do. You can switch weapons as you fight your many enemies, you can dig deep into the ground in order to discover ancient and powerful artifacts, money and additional useful items to help you win and prevail.
In order to build structures you'll need to collect resources such as wood, stone, lead and others. After collecting sufficient resources you'll be able to build houses, fortresses and castles. If you're overflown with particular resources or products you can sell them and earn money to further facilitate your goals.
Go ahead – build, dig, fight, and claim the world as your own!
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